Welcome to our kitchen at Selective Delights, we are passionate about food and strive to offer you an unforgettable dining experience. Our menu is made with fresh and seasonal ingredients, and our dishes are inspired by the cuisines of the world. On this page, you will find our complete menu, with dishes for all tastes and budgets. You can also find pairing suggestions.Enjoy our cuisine!

Initial Delights

Discover the pleasure of our first courses.
An irresistible start for your culinary experience. From fresh options to flavors  comforting, our starter dishes are designed to awaken your appetite and prepare for an unforgettable feast. Immerse yourself in a explosion of flavors from the first bite!

Garlic prawns, a sea of flavors
12.95 €
Juicy shrimp with garlic and spices, an explosion of flavor that will transport you to the Mediterranean coast in every delicious bite.

Tex-Mex Platter
19.95 €
Indulge in our irresistible chicken popcorn and chicken cheese rings. Perfect crunch, unmatched flavor. Come and enjoy today!

Marine avocado, discover the ecstasy of marine flavor
11.95 €
The freshness of avocado embraced by the essence of the ocean, a unique experience that will immerse you in unparalleled delights.

Pork tenderloin with bacon and barbecue sauce
13.50 €
The perfect fusion of tender pork, crispy bacon and the smoky touch of a barbecue sauce

Prawn savanna
15.95 €
Juicy and tender prawns served in a spectacular presentation

Belly salad, refresh your senses
12.95 €
A symphony of flavors and textures where the softness of the belly mixes with the freshness of the ingredients

Burrata salad, creamy delight for your palate
11.95 €
A mixture of the softness of the burrata with the freshness of the vegetable and its exquisite flavor

Capresse salad, Italian roots
10.25 €
An authentic combination of Mediterranean flavors that will transport you to the hills of Italy

Egg with bolletus and truffle, awaken your most exquisite senses
13.25 €
Each bite is an encounter between the earthy richness of the boletus, the aromatic elegance of the truffle.

Cheese board, the most elegant selection
16.50 €
Discover the abstract art of our cheeses

Assortment of Iberian sausage, a journey of intense flavors
26 €
The combination of tradition and exquisiteness.

Roman-style squid, the crispiest perfection

11.95 €
Delicately fried to golden perfection.

Initial Delights

Carnivorous Delights

Discover the art of meat in 'Delicias Carnívoras': intense flavors
and irresistible textures in every bite. Premium cuts prepared with
mastery to satisfy your passion for meat. Come and enjoy the
Gastronomic excellence at its finest!

Sirloin, taste perfection
23.95 €
Tenderness and flavor at its finest. A culinary experience like no other. However, we recommend the Mar y Montaña beef tenderloin, which combines the softness of the meat with the freshness of the sea, while the sirloin with Boletus Cream and
Truffle offers a feast of earthy flavors, and the sirloin with Foie and Oporto Sauce immerses you in a world of culinary luxury.

Entrecote, pleasure in every cut
22.50 €
Our beef entrecote: Juicy and tasty, excellence in every bite

Beef txuleta, tradition and flavor in each cut
42.50 €
Discover the authentic essence of meat with our beef txuleta. An exceptionally matured cut that awakens the senses with its
intense flavor and juicy texture.

Iberian secret, a treasure of hidden flavor in every bite
21.95 €
Discover the best kept secret of Iberian cuisine: our Secret Iberian. An exceptionally juicy cut full of flavor that will will take you on a unique culinary journey.

Chicken breast: healthy, delicious and versatile
15.90 €
Our chicken breast is a healthy and delicious option that combines perfectly with any culinary preference.

Chicken or beef Milanese, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside
14.95 €
Prepared with care, each bite reveals a crispy coating on the outside and incredible tenderness on the inside.

Carnivorous Specialties:
- Sea and mountain sirloin... 29.90 €
-Sirloin with boletus and truffle.... 26.50 €
-Sirloin with foie and port sauce..... 30, 95€
-Entrecote with mustard and honey sauce..... 27.50 €

Tasty Companies: Our Meat Sauces

Carnivorous Delights

Wonders of the sea

Delight yourself with our selection of fresh fish dishes, prepared with mastery to offer you an unforgettable culinary experience togetherto the ocean.

Sea bream, a dish that will transport you to the Mediterranean coasts
19.25 €
Flavors of the sea in every bite, highlighted with fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs

Sea bass, elegance and marine flavor on your table
19.25 €
A culinary pleasure

Salmon, the taste of the fresh sea

19.95 €
Delight in the perfection of flavor in our fresh salmon

Hake, the exquisite delicacy of the sea
According to the market
Caught in crystal clear waters, it is expertly grilled.

Marine Specialties:

-Hake casserole... According to the market
-Hake in American sauce..... According to the market
-Hake in Vizcaya sauce..... According to the market

Tasty Companies: Our Fish Sauces

Wonders of the sea

Treasures of the sea

Flavors of the sea in every bite, our fresh seafood is an incomparable culinary experience

Octopus, the temptation of the seas
According to the market
An exquisite marine delicacy that will take you on a journey of ocean flavors in every bite

Red shrimp, the sophistication of the sea
According to the market
Flavor and freshness of the sea in every bite

Norway lobster, marine delicacy
According to the market
Sublime marine flavor, tender texture, and a touch of butter and lemon in every bite.

Lobster, the luxury of the sea
According to the market
A delicacy of elegance and flavor that will make you feel like royalty in every dish

Octopus with mushrooms, the combination of sea and land
24.50 €
Embark on a culinary journey full of flavor and textures.

Cuttlefish, the soft texture of the sea
According to the market
Delight in the soft texture and incomparable flavor of our grilled cuttlefish.

Seafood, our combination of the sea
110 €
A feast of marine flavors from around the world in a single dish.

Tasty Companies: Our Seafood Sauces

Treasures of the sea

Other delicacies

A mix between classic and contemporary

Rice with mushrooms and shrimp
12.50 €
A forest of flavors of sea and land.

Rice with cuttlefish
15.95 €
The richness of the sea in our Rice with Cuttlefish

Spaghetti vongole
18.95 €
The freshness of the sea is combined with the elegant simplicity of Mediterranean cuisine.

Spaghetti bolognese
14.95 €
Perfect combination of al dente pasta and a rich and tasty meat sauce.

Spaghetti carbonara
13.50 €
Authentic Italian indulgence in every bite.

9.95 €
Exceptional flavors in every bite.

Tasty Companies: Our Seafood Sauces

Other delicacies

Extraordinary delicacies

The delight of the best desserts.

Red fruit, papaya, passion fruit or blackberry smoothie
5.95 €
A refreshing and extraordinary drink for your senses.

Crepe with ice cream or fruit
8.95 €
The taste of French cuisine.

7.95 €
Enjoy the elegance of tradition with our flan.

Chocolate Coulant
8.95 €
Immerse yourself in a chocolate explosion.

Flambéed pineapple
8.95 €
A classic and delicious dessert.

Catalan cream
5.50 €
Traditional Catalan dessert, it is a creamy delight with a crunchy caramel layer.

Extraordinary delicacies